Juvela is a Company that sells Gluten free products. You can find their products in almost every big store including Dunnes Stores, Super Value and Tesco. They are an English company. They have so many gluten free products including biscuits, crackers, pasta, bread and so many more.

Check out their Website by clicking this link https://www.juvela.co.uk/
If you sign up they send you a box of goodies to try.

You can also go straight to amazon to buy them by clicking here Juvela Gluten & Wheat Free Special Flakes

Juvela were kind enough to send me out some products to try and review and to share my thoughts on their products with you all.

In this Review I am going to tell you what I thought of the Cereal Flakes.

juvela flakes

To be honest I thought these were okay. They are not the best gluten free cereal I have tried, I have had something similar to these and they were a lot nicer.  I also gave my son some of these, he ate about half but i believe that was because he was Hungary.

In my own opinion they are not the worst. I just had them plain with milk but I believe they just need some sprucing up with some fruit and honey. I will buy these again and try them in other ways.

They are very dark in colour on the picture on the box but they are originally light in colour. they also look a lot more crisp on the box. They are best with cold milk as they go very mushy when warm.

If i had to rate these out of 10 i would say 5 out of 10. They are eatable but they not that great.
Thanks for reading everyone, don’t forget to check back soon.