If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you will have seen that I was recently in Spain for a long week break in Murcia with my mum. I was over visiting my sister where I ate so much amazing gluten free food! I have decided to finally post a blog post about everything I ate out there. So here we go, here’s all the delicious gluten free food I ate whilst in Murcia.


I will start by saying a big thank you for having myself and my mum over. As always you make me feel very welcome. It was a great experience and a much needed break.

The first morning I was there I had Breakfast in a outside Cafe in the resort. I went for the Spanish Omelete. A Spanish omelette is the English name for a traditional dish from Spanish cuisine called tortilla de patatas. It is an omelette made with eggs and potatoes, sometimes also with onion and garlic, fried in oil and served cold. I really enjoyed the omelette but I think I would have preferred it warm.

spanish omelette

Every other morning my sister made us breakfast, most mornings we had a selection of stuff so we would have a choice. Toast, pate, boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit but the breakfast I will remember was Alioli and Tomato Relado on some Gluten Free toast. Aw that stuff was just amazing. It would usualy be served as Tapas at a Tapas Bar with Bruschetta.

tomato relado alioli

So almost everyday was a day eating out for our dinner, apart from one, where my sister hosted a great barbecue for us. I just need to try and remember all those amazing places we ate out.  I will most definitely start with Tommy Mel’s in La Zenia Boulevard. Tommy Mel’s is an American 50’s Restaurant. They had a great selection of Gluten Free choices. The only down side was they only had the Gluten Free Menu in Spanish. With my sisters help I managed to find something tasty on it. I went for a Gluten Free Burger. I cant actually remember what burger I went for but I do remember it was absolutely delicious and was the best Gluten Free Burger I ever had. When I finished my meal I decided to get a desert. I went for the Gluten Free Carrot Cake. Again it was yum. I wish I had some here right now.

tommy mel'stommy mel's

Another place that deserves a mention is Route 66 in Los Alcazares. Route 66 is another American Restaurant. I had plenty of cocktails here as well as a meal. I ordered a A Steak and Chips which came with a side of coleslaw. For my cocktails i had the Son of  A Peach and after that we ordered a jug of sangria. Again it was a delicious meal and the staff where very helpful and friendly.

route 66

One of the days we decided to have a chill day and go have a nose around the Spanish Markets where I got to try some Spanish Paella. Paella is a traditional rice dish which is a aromatic and filling staple from Valencia, Spain. This dish was one of the nicest dishes I have ever eaten.


One thing that is not so great for Gluten Free is the Tapas Bars. Everything is mostly bread related or breaded or battered. The only thing that was suitable for me was Patatas Bravas or Patatas Alioli. I wont complain though cause they are both delicious. Patatas Bravas are Little seasoned baked potatoes topped with a spicy tomato based sauce and Patatas Alioli is again seasoned baked potatoes toppled with a good drizzle of Alioli. Aw how I love Alioli. Its an amazing garlicy sauce that is just yum. Just do not get to close to anyone after eating it. They wont be impressed.

patatas bravas

Spain is great for Gluten Free. If something is Gluten Free it will state it on packaging. Even most meat products are Gluten Free so you will have plenty if your having a barbecue. If you have Celiac or a Gluten Intolerance do not fret about if your going to get much food there cause I promise you there is more than enough.


The only thing I was very disappointed in was forgetting I bought some frozen Churos. I never got to try them and nope, I cant get them here.

So if your planning on going to Spain good luck and I hope you enjoy your holiday.

Laura xx