gluten free alcohol list

Gluten Free Alcohol List

When beginning a gluten free diet it is important to consider the beverages you are consuming. Just because you are maintaining a gluten free diet doesn’t mean you can’t drink socially, you just need to find gluten free alcoholic beverages that are safe to consume. So if you’re following a … Continue reading
surprising foods that contain gluten

Surprising Foods That Contain Gluten

For those of us following a strict gluten free diet, reading food labels is a part of life. Gluten is something we think about often, especially before we put anything into our mouths. If you’re newly gluten free or are trying to figure it out for a friend or family member, you might be … Continue reading

Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Most large supermarkets and, particularly, specialist health food stores carry a variety of gluten free foods. Visit your local store or go on the web. Talk to friends or support groups who have had experience with coeliac disease or food allergies. Find out all the different flours you can use, … Continue reading

Eating Out

Don’t you hate going into a restaurant, looking at the menu when you cant eat one thing on it.Gluten free dining out can be very difficult. When at a restaurant making the requirements of a gluten free meal clear to a waiter or chef is a complicated process. Change the dynamic with a new eating … Continue reading

Gluten Free For Kids

Coeliac disease can appear at any age, and can be seen in children as young as one year old. Some doctors are conducting research that could connect gluten and food allergies to other diseases and syndromes, for example, autism and Asperger,s syndrome. They are seeking to determine if there might … Continue reading