This step-by-step guide leads you through every stage of jointing a chicken with simple, basic instructions that will leave you with 6-8 portions of chicken including two breasts, two wings and two thighs. All of these portions can be frozen and used by defrosting them and adding to your favourite chicken recipes like chicken stew or chicken curry.

1. Cut through the skin
If the chicken is trussed up, cut off the string. Pull the legs out and cut through the skin.

2. Twist the leg
Twist the leg to realise it from the socket joint, then cut off between the joint and the carcass.

3. Break the ankle joint
Break the ankle joint and cut it off, cutting between the bones so as not to get any splinters.

4. Leg joints
The legs can be left whole for large leg joints, or you can separate the thighs from the drumsticks. Break the joint before cutting.

5. Cut the wings
Twist carefully, then cut off both the wings.

6. Fold wing up
Cut off the small points from the tips of the wings (reserve any for stockpot). Then fold wing up, tucking ends under.

7. Cut breastbone
Cut down one side of the breastbone – you may find scissors easier to use than a knife – then lift the top of the breast away from the carcass and cut it away underneath.

8. Remove the breast
Repeat the previous step to remove the breast on the other side. You’ll now have 6-8 chicken portions, plus the carcass and small bones to make your own chicken stock.