Gluten free Apple Muffins

Apple Muffins

These are so Delicious as a snack, for breakfast, or with a cup of tea. They are so moist and great for getting apples in to the little ones. I love these as the are handy for lunch boxes, picnics or take one or two out with you for an…

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Gluten free Chocolate Orange Brownies

These are made using chocolate spread instead of melted chocolate or Cocoa powder. I just used a Tesco brand orange chocolate spread, they are so yummy. They taste like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange  flavored brownie.  Now who wouldn’t want that If you don’t have any or cant find a chocolate orange spread then use an original chocolate spread and…

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Gluten free Raspberry Brownies

Decadent Raspberry Flavored chocolate brownies loaded with Chocolate chips. This is just my original Brownie recipe. The last day i found a we bottle of raspberry flavoring so i thought id go bonkers and add some in. I just love the smell of these as i am making them. The smell of sweet raspberry’s just rise out of them.…

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Gluten free Banana Bread

banana bread

  This Gluten Free Banana Bread recipe is the only one you will ever need! It’s easy, flavourful, and will quickly become your new favourite. This banana bread recipe is so moist and absolutely the most delicious bread you will ever taste.   After making many many loaves over the…

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